Codes retour erreur

Codes retour erreur

Lors d'une transaction, il est possible de lancer une erreur spécifique en renseignant un cryptogramme spécifique (colonne « Cryptogramme de test » ci-dessous).

Retour de l'API

000000 Success
000201 Merchant not informed
 000202 ID not recognized
 000203 IP not authorized
 000204 Data error
 000205 Data error
 000206 Order total anomaly
000207 OrderId not specified
000208 OrderId with paid transaction not found
000209 Bill not specified
000210 Waiting for customer's IBAN
000211 Shopiles does not have enough credit to refund the customer

Opération échoué

ResultCodeResultMessageMore informationCryptogramme de test
001999 Generic Operation error Mangopay has no information for the bank yet  
001001 Unsufficient wallet balance The wallet balance doesn’t allow to process transaction  
 001002 Author is not the wallet owner The user ID used as Author has to be the wallet owner  
 001011 Transaction amount is higher than maximum permitted amount    
 001012 Transaction amount is lower than minimum permitted amount    
 001013 Invalid transaction amount    313
 001014 CreditedFunds must be more than 0 (DebitedFunds can not equal Fees)    


 Erreurs Web

ResultCodeResultMessageMore information
001030 User has not been redirected The user never gets the payment page and never opens the Payline session
001031 User canceled the payment The User clicks on "Cancelled" on the payment page
101002 The transaction has been cancelled by the user The User clicks on "Cancelled" on the payment page
001032 User is filling in the payment card details The user is still on the payment page (Payline session)
001033 User has not been redirected then the payment session has expired The session has expired so the Payin Web is failed. The user has gone on the payment page
001034 User has let the payment session expire without paying The user went to the payment page but let the session expired. So the Payin Web has failed
101001 The user does not complete transaction  

Erreurs de carte

ResultCodeResultMessageMore informationCryptogramme de test
105101 Invalid card number   314
105102 Invalid cardholder name The card holder name given doesn’t match the real owner of the card  
105103 Invalid PIN code   355
105104 Invalid PIN format    

Transaction refusée

ResultCodeResultMessageMore informationCryptogramme de test
101101 Transaction refused by the bank (Do not honor) The error "Do not honor" is a message from the bank. You could get it for several raisons: Maximum amount spent per month has been reached on this card // Maximum amount spent on internet per month has been reached on this card // No more funds on bank account 305
101102 Transaction refused by the bank (Amount limit) You will get this error if the user reached a bank amount limit. It could be: Maximum pre authorized amount reached // Maximum amount spent per month has been reached on this card // Maximum amount spent on internet per month has been reached on this card 351
101103 Transaction refused by the terminal   358
101104 Transaction refused by the bank (card limit reached)   360
101105 The card has expired    
101106 The card is inactive The card is not active accourding to the bank and can therefore not be used  
101410 The card is not active The card has not been disabled on Mangopay and is no longer useable  
101111 Maximum number of attempts reached Too much attempts for the same transaction 338
101112 Maximum amount exceeded This is a card limitation on spent amount  
101113 Maximum Uses Exceeded Maximum attempts with this cards reached. You must try again after 24 hours  
101115 Debit limit exceeded This is a card limitation on spent amount 361
101116 Amount limit The contribution transaction has failed  
101199 Transaction refused The transaction has been refused by the bank. Contact your bank in order to have more information about it  

Problème de fraude aux transactions

ResultCodeResultMessageMore informationCryptogramme de test
008999 Fraud policy error    
008001 Counterfeit Card    
008002 Lost Card A "lost card" error is a rule carried by the bank which deactivate a card due to too many payments (or attempts). In Sandbox, just choose another card, this one will be reactivated soon (the day after). In Prodcution, the card is blocked for the day or concidered as fraudulent by the bank 341
008003 Stolen Card Similar to 008002 343
008004 Card bin not authorized    
008005 Security violation   363
008006 Fraud suspected by the bank   334
008007 Opposition on bank account (Temporary)    
008500 Transaction blocked by Fraud Policy    
008600 Wallet blocked by Fraud policy    
008700 User blocked by Fraud policy